Translations from English, German and Italian into Catalan and Spanish

Proofreading and editing in Catalan and Spanish

Dubbing and subtitling

Adaptation and creative translation of literary texts

Education and Training

Bachelor of Translation and Interpretation
Training at the dubbing studio Doble Banda SA

Course on Pedagogical Aptitude (CAP); specialization: English didactics
Teaching practice at the state secondary school Broch i Llop

Postgraduate course about proofreading and publishing services (Catalan)
Training at the Department of Linguistics of tv3
(Sant Joan Despí)

Work Experience

Translation and Proofreading

Translation of technical and legal texts at Wohanka & Kollegen, GmbH (Leipzig, Germany) from German/English into Spanish.
Translator at LinQ Market Research (Barcelona).
Proofreader and editor in Catalan at Institut d'Estudis Catalans (Barcelona).
At present, translator, proofreader and web editor in Catalan at Linguaserve (Madrid).

Audiovisual Translation

Dubbing and adaptation of series and documentary films from German and English into Catalan by RTVV (Valencian Television), specifically through the dubbing studios Noclafilms (Castelló) and Sonoequip (Paterna).


Research technician at the Department of Translation and Communication from the Unversitat Jaume I, developing the project COVALT (Valencian corpus of translated literature).

Other fields

Administrative assistant at the Export Department from Zirconio SA (Vila-real) and Metropol (Nules).
English teacher in a Reading Club for children at the children library of Onda.

Price List

General Translation

English, German and Italian > Catalan and Spanish

0,07 eur/word

Catalan and Spanish > English, German and Italian

0,08 eur/word

Spanish > Catalan; Catalan > Spanish

0,06 eur/word

Audiovisual Translation


36,50 eur/reel


21,25 eur/reel


Catalan and Spanish

0,013 eur/word


Prices depend on the specialization level of the text. Regarding literary translations, a minimum price per page will be fixed (taking the source text as reference).


Here ther are some of my publications: